What to Talk About on a Date

Dating is a lot like a job interview. You want to make a good impression on the person you’re meeting, so you go out of your way to put your best foot forward. But what happens when the person you’re dating doesn’t really have any idea of what they’re doing or what you’re interested in? What happens when you try to take the lead, but they don’t want to be led?

Dating is a lot of work, and it can take a lot of courage to open up to someone new. But here’s an easy way to approach the hard work: ask your date questions.

Starting A Conversation

First dates can be nerve-wracking, but they don’t have to be. You already know the basics be yourself, don’t be late, don’t be too eager, and bring a gift if you’ve been invited to dinner but it’s the little things that can make a big difference. And don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you that you have to write a “list of topics” out on an index card beforehand.

With that in mind, here are some basic “what to talk about on a date” tips to help you get your foot in the door with the person you’re interested in:

  • Talk about where you’re from. Everyone has a different approach to how they want to share it. Some people like to go into extreme detail, while others say something like “I’m from here” and leave it at that. Unless you’re from a small town, in which case you may want to include your high school, or if you’re from a huge city, you can include your neighborhood. It varies from person to person.
  • We all know that first dates can be awkward. But if there’s one thing that can make them easier, it knows what to talk about. You’re already nervous enough; you don’t want to waste valuable conversation time trying to come up with things to say. Some people say talking about the weather is a safe bet, but you don’t know this person, and you’re not sure you want to talk about the weather anyway. So, what do you do?
  • Travel is also a good topic. Travel is also a good topic. Almost everyone loves to talk about traveling, whether they have been or not. What is your favorite place to visit? What is your favorite place to stay? Favorite thing to do?
  • Talk about something that both of you have in common. How do you start a conversation? It’s simple: talk about something you both have in common. The best icebreakers are based on shared interests, music, sport, TV, books, or films. Think about it. If you can find a topic you both like whether it’s a true crime or the local football team you’re more likely to relax and open up rather than worrying about what to say. Also, you’ve got a good chance of having something to talk about when you get the bill at the end of the meal.
  • Know their favorite music. Whether it’s hip-hop, heavy metal, or something in between, music has the power to define generations. It can tell you about a person’s mood, personality, and even background. Music can also be a wonderful way to connect with people. If you’re ever at a loss for what to say, try asking them about their music.
  • Talk about food. If you are going out with someone new, the best thing you can do is to talk about the same things your date talks about. It gives you a chance to find out more about them. For example, if you are going on a dinner date, you can ask them about their favorite foods and why they like them. If you both enjoy an occasional drink and have some favorites in mind, then you can speak about that. Who knows, you may end up choosing the same best bar in Dallas as your favorite! That second date, you can be sure it’s coming.

What do you talk about on a first date? The question is as old as dating itself, and the answer is always changing. A few decades ago, dinner and a movie were considered a good date, but these days, having a meal together is so common that it can seem almost, well, boring. Instead of going out for dinner, many singles say they prefer to get together for a cup of coffee or a walk in the park. There are endless possibilities for dating ideas; if you’re stumped, ask friends and co-workers for date ideas or go over the thousands of possibilities on the Web.

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