7 Behaviors To Look Out For With A New Puppy

Every new puppy has its own set of unique challenges. That’s why it’s important to be prepared when you bring a new puppy home. Finding the perfect puppy is hard, which is why you might want to head to AmericanListed to see listings from all the most reputable breeders. However, even the most perfect puppy can have some teething issues. Here are some things to watch out for. You may have heard that some breeds of dogs are more prone to certain behaviors than others. It’s important to be aware of these issues, so you don’t end up with a dog who develops a behavioral problem. Anyone who has owned a dog or two knows that a single animal can have a variety of different personalities. It’s important to be aware of these individual personalities so you can make informed decisions, and it’ll help you decide on whether you need to get in contact with The Sunderland Dog Trainer or not. Have you recently purchased a new puppy? If so, there are a few behaviors you need to look out for to ensure that your pup isn’t going to end up as part of the family furniture.

Eating Poop

Clearly, there is nothing more embarrassing than finding out your dog has eaten some random piece of poop. But the truth is, some dogs are more likely to eat poop than others. While there is no way to know for sure, there are some common factors that are associated with an increased tendency towards eating poop. Did you know that dogs have an internal mechanism to deal with the things that they eat and that they can even ingest their own poo? This is called coprophagia (or coprophagy), and it occurs when a dog eats its own poo. While it may not sound that bad, it can sometimes lead to serious health problems.


You have probably heard your mom or grandma say that chewing is what puppies do when they’re bored. While chewing is normal canine behavior, it can be a symptom of some serious problems, and it’s important to know what your puppy is doing when you can’t see him.


Digging is one of the most exciting ways for a pup to play. While it may seem like a simple behavior, digging is actually a complex one. It does make sense since puppies are built for tunneling, but it’s hard to understand why a pup would choose to dig when there are other ways to play and burn off energy. By digging, you can expose prey and other scents buried in the ground, which can be used to find food, water, and other objects.


There are many situations where a dog is likely to bite, and owners need to work out what they can do to prevent such a situation from happening. One of the most common is the dog nipping at other dogs, or even other people, including children. If your dog bites another person, they have every right to contact professionals like these personal injury lawyers serving Aurora who will be able to help you file any claims for compensation. This could be particularly important if you have any medical expenses or loss of wages. Of course, to prevent this from happening in the first place, such behavior can be controlled with discipline, so be sure to do this with your dog from an early age.


Peeing is something you can do in any situation, but it can get annoying sometimes. While some dogs will mark their territory by urinating on places, they feel are their own, others like to pee on people’s beds, floors, and furniture. After all, dogs are pack animals. As such, it’s important to know how to tell when your dog is about to pee. In fact, some warning signs may suggest your pup may pee in the house, so you should pay attention to them all! And, if you notice that your dog likes to pee inside the house, you can look for furniture covers (refer to this Animals Matter service page) that can protect your belongings as well as train them to pee inside the washroom or outside in a designated area.


Dogs are man’s best friend, and they are a joy to have around. However, since they are so popular, people really don’t stop to think about how dogs act. In fact, many people don’t really consider their dog’s behavior until the dog starts barking. Before you know it, the barking has escalated, and you have a dog on your hands.


A yawn is a very important behavior for all puppies. Yawning is one of the first movements a puppy makes. It is a very natural behavior that helps puppies to stay awake and alert and gives them a chance to breathe. But the yawn can be sneaky. A yawn is sometimes a sign of boredom and can also be a sign of a health problem. While a puppy may yawn if they are tired, they may also do it to show affection.

Although their cognitive skills are not yet fully developed, puppies are very dependent on their human caretakers until a few months after they are born. These dogs are highly motivated to seek out attention and love from their owners and are not afraid to show it in many ways.

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